Friday, July 9, 2010

Braves vs. Mets at Citi Field...ON TV!

The first place Braves take on the Mets this weekend for a three game series in Queens. A Braves vs. Mets game is always bittersweet for me. It means I'll be able to watch the game in my SNY viewing area, but I'll also have to suffer through listening to the Mets announcers. I'm sure listening to a rival team's broadcasts aren't fun for anyone, but SNY's Keith Hernandez and, to a lesser extent, Ron Darling especially irritate me. Tonight's game is also scheduled to be on MLB Network, but will be blacked out in local areas (aka: mine).

In a post 'Braves on TBS' world, any Braves game on television is welcome. Fortunately, with the team doing so well this season, there have been a lot more national broadcasts of their games as compared to the last few years. MLB Network, ESPN/ESPN2, FOX and TBS have all shown Braves games this year, much to my delight. And MLB Network's Solid 60 often goes to Braves' games live during big plays. I think it helps that Harold Reynolds seems to like the Braves a lot this season...

Pending possible rain and thunderstorms (fingers crossed), I'll be headed down to Citi Field for Saturday's big Tim Hudson vs. Mike Pelfrey match-up. It should be a good one!

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